ALM Design Studio

Alm Design Studio creates new built environments and improves existing ones, realizing simple, beautiful forms from idea through execution. We undertake diverse projects designing with clients around their functional and aesthetic goals and employing a spectrum of techniques—from energy efficiency to salvage.

How a project impacts the landscape, environment, and neighboring structures is as important as how it’s used. We embrace quiet, low-energy solutions that generate minimal waste, in their creation and throughout their lifecycles. Wherever possible, we employ locally-sourced and reused materials and the talents of local tradespeople.

We emphasize open communication at each step, respecting the vision of our clients and expertise of our collaborators. Every project is unique, so each gives us a chance to develop ideas that are more efficient, more beautiful, and smarter than what’s been done before.

Lucas Alm, RA

Lucas is a registered architect and the principal of ALM Design Studio. He has over 25 years of construction and design experience acquired from all stages of building process, from architecture to planning to carpentry to fabrication. Combining technical expertise and real-world experience, Lucas brings an integrated perspective to his projects — helping the collaboration run smoothly and ensuring the results are complete, on time and on budget. His training as a designer and artist yields solutions that are simple and beautiful.