Home Energy Case Studies

As a key element of our practice, ALM Design Studio integrates energy-saving measures into our projects that fit our clients’ situations and budgets. To measure the impact of various energy-conservation strategies in a variety of home styles, we conducted studies with existing single-family homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Working with Bruce Stahlberg of Affordable Energy Solutions, we analyzed three typical Twin Cities housing types:

– 1890s 2-story home with crawl space and clapboard siding
– 1920s 1-1/2 story home with full basement and clapboard siding
– 1930s 2-story home with full basement and stucco siding

To pinpoint areas of air leakage and low insulation, we compiled data from blower-door testing and infrared-camera imaging. We also looked at historical energy-use data for each home. Based on our findings, we developed a menu of energy improvement approaches that give homeowners realistic options for tightening up and insulating their homes—from simple weatherization to full-blown deep energy retrofits.