ALM Design Studio works with non-profits, private companies, community groups, and design professionals to realize a wide range of commercial projects. Our experience includes retail, educational, health care, restaurant, manufacturing, agriculture, housing, and mixed-use.

We have a simple goal: to make sustainable ideas real for our clients. That means using fewer resources and less energy in ways large and small. This commitment not only makes your project more efficient and cost-effective, it makes the world a healthier place for us, our children and future generations.

We design with an integrated approach. We look at the whole picture—water flows, mitigating pollution, transportation, the urban fabric, and so on—and make an effort to improve on what’s already there. Whether it’s an empty lot or an existing building, we honor the history and find ways to make it more durable, more usable, more beautiful and more energy efficient.

Our engagement is customized to your unique project. That may mean collaborating with you early in the design process, or adding a deeper sustainability focus to a project that’s underway.
Let us help you understand the long-term costs and benefits of your options and reach your sustainability goals in ways that fit your vision and budget.

Specialized services:
• Tenant improvements
• Sustainability consulting
• Feasibility studies
• Code review and compliance
• Renovation
• New construction